Funeral Costs Explained

You will always be provided with a written estimate of the funeral costs.                                                                                                                       The funeral account itself is divided into two separate parts, the Funeral Directors charges and the disbursements.


These contain our professional fees and overhead costs, which include the provision of a 24 hour a day emergency service, our professional services in making the funeral arrangements, arranging documentation and necessary personal attendances. Also the conveyance of the deceased to our private chapel of rest  and the use of it for visiting mourners.

Relatives  often wish to visit their loved one to pay their last respects before the day of the funeral, and our peaceful chapel of rest is available to you.
Use of a traditional hearse for conveyance of the deceased to a burial site or crematorium is included.


Disbursements are fees that we pay out on behalf of the family, and include burial or cremation fees, church or minister’s fees, obituary announcements etc.
Our written estimate will detail the approximate cost of any disbursements



Your account can be paid by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer. A service charge is added to your account, but will be deducted if the account is paid in full within 10 days of receipt.

How Much Will A Funeral Cost

A  Simple Cremation funeral service will cost  £2470  fully inclusive of 3rd party costs. There are NO hidden extras.                              We use Bradwell, Carmountside, Crewe and Vale Royal Crematoriums.

Alturnatively, Direct Cremation is a simple dignified option in which a loved one is cremated without a funeral service or ceremony. You may wish to hold a family gathering later at a more fitting location than the crematorium, to share memories of your loved one and perhaps scatter or bury the ashes in the final part of the funeral rites.  The fixed price for this option is £1475.

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