Funeral Prices

 A  Simple Cremation funeral service will cost  £2595 

                             inclusive of ALL 3rd party costs.

                                                                  NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.  


We use Bradwell, Carmountside, Crewe and all local



The fixed price includes :

Bringing the deceased into our care from home or hospital.

Dressing in their own clothes or a gown.

Preparation for visits in our Chapel of Rest.

Care until the day of the funeral.

All administration to allow the funeral to take place.

A dedicated personal Funeral Director.

Provision of a hearse and bearers on the day of the funeral.

An individually written Celebration of Life funeral service

reflecting the unique personality of your loved one,

presented by our fully trained funeral celebrant. 

                  A ll for a FIXED PRICE of £2595.      

  Family limousines are available at a cost of £225



                   Direct Cremation  at a total cost of £1395

   This  is a simple dignified option in which a loved one is cremated without a funeral service or ceremony. Your loved one is treated with dignity and respect throughout. The ashes will be returned to you after the cremation has taken place or we can arrange scattering.

You may wish to hold a family gathering later , to share memories of your loved one, celebrate their life, and perhaps scatter or bury the ashes in the final part of the funeral rites. 

            All at a fixed price of £1395.


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