Woodland Burial

What is a Woodland Burial?

A woodland burial is also known as a natural burial. It is the ideal choice for those seeking a more natural alternative to the formal surroundings of a traditional cemetery. This funeral option helps create woodland and meadows characteristic of the local environment.

A woodland or natural burial is an eco-friendly way to celebrate the life of your loved one, and to allow them to rest in the natural beauty of a rural environment. Our burial sites are peaceful and tranquil areas set amidst trees and meadows, where the only sounds are those of the natural habitat of birds and wildlife.

Our woodland or natural burial grounds offer individual or family plots for burial, ashes interment or scattering. Where family plots are required these can be arranged and reserved around a single tree.

Instead of a traditional headstone, the grave is marked with the planting of a memorial tree or the placing of a simple sandstone memorial. Our focus  is on allowing your loved one to rest in peace with nature , preserving the natural beauty of the woodland environment and encouraging native wildlife and flowers to thrive. We encourage the use of wild flowers or foliage as floral tributes rather than imported flowers, so as to reduce the carbon footprint of the funeral itself.

Natural Biodegradable Coffins

We only use natural coffins and caskets for our woodland burials, made from materials that are biodegrade. These materials are readily renewable or recycled, for example cardboard, willow, seagrass, bamboo, water hyacinth or even pure British wool. Coffin linings and pillows are normally cotton or other natural materials. There is also the option to use a biodegadable shroud made of natural materials instead of a coffin.

  For further information on the selection of Coffins and Caskets available please use the Coffins and Caskets link below.

Woodland Burial Sites

Caskets and Coffins

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